May 17, 2017

We buy them, we break them, we buy them again.We move on from the pair we have to flow with current trends. They have made their way into the fashion industry as one of the biggest staple accessories to complete any outfit.



As sunglass styles evolve, trends come and go. Jumping into Summer 2017 means brighter, more eccentric colors. We’ve seen color-tinted sunglasses before; we’ve seen them on the Olsen twins in their films in the 90’s, Paris Hilton and Brittany Spears in the early 2000’s, even Bono and Elton John can be seen rocking a pair of these bad boys. 

What could have been seen as a forbidden style a few years ago is now being revamped into what Vogue is calling, “Sleazy-Chic.” Surprising Spring/Summer 2017 Fashion Week followers, these color-tinted sunglasses appeared on the runway, changing the way we are going to see Summer. 


So Who Is Wearing These Sunglasses? 

Name any color, we dare you. These sunglasses are being made in close to every color under the sun this Summer. Celebrities and influencers of all kinds are seen wearing this sassy sunglass trend. From fashion icon Kendall Jenner to Selena Gomez, these public figures are showing us how it's done. 

 Photo: Pinterest- Genesis Aguilar


How Do We Wear Them? 

We all know how 90's flare has been popping back into style this past year. As that remains, there are a few other trends that are making their way into the fashion scene. Below are five trends we saw appear on the S/S '17 runway, and how you should pair them with your new color-tinted shades. 

1. All-Jean-Errythang - Pair this classic 90's look with yellow or light blue tinted shades to complete your cool blue look. 

2. Khaki - Pair just about any color lens with this trend as khaki makes a comeback. 





3. Banker Stripes - Whether it's off the shoulder, one shoulder, or a slit sleeve, this classic pattern (most commonly seen in light blue) would go best with a yellow shade, or a cool, blue-tinted lens. 

4. Shades of Yellow - Don't be afraid of a monochromatic look. Be bold and pair a yellow-tinted pair of sunglasses with your all-yellow outfit. Feeling a little more dangerous? Add red or orange for some fire.
5. White Shirt Dresses -  Pair this with a nice distressed jean and a dark blue tinted lens for a cool, chic look. 


Still Feeling Unsure? 

Check out our Instagram at to see how some of the best influencers are styling the most popular Summer styles. C'mon, it won't take long and you can see your Summer through color, too.