July 06, 2017


T H E   F U T U R E   I S   C O M I N G   T O   US

We are living in a modern age full of futuristic trends that are changing the way the world operates.
From 3-D printing to wearable technology, society's "normal" is coming to an abrupt halt. 




The 2017-2018 trends have seen a vast difference
in the way designers have been drawing inspiration.
Although we see a lot of past influence in the way
we dress today, designers are drawing theirs from
the future. According to Savior Flair, futuristic fashion
is being described as "post human" by trend analysts. 

Photo: Pinterest-Maven46



T E C H N O L O G Y  &  F A S H I O N


We've all seen the way technology has developed
within the past decade. We have gone from chunky
flip phones to handheld touch screen devices less
than 5 mm thick. Technology has an influence on every
single industry, including fashion. These futuristic designs
are inspired by artificial intelligence, and "illustrated by
tech driven design."

Photo: Pinterest- Time Crunch



In visual futurism, the line between
total fantasy and futuristic is a
thread of reality. - Syd Mead 



S T E P P I N G   O U T   O F   Y O U R   C O M F O R T   Z O N E


This futuristic trend is allowing us to step out of our comfort zones and try something that isn't in
the same realm as the usual every day, "normal", neutral colored pair of sunglasses. What's versatile
 about this trend is that you can go as eccentric and loud as you want, or you can choose a style that
is neutral colored and more toned down. But don't be afraid to be bold. 


Photo: @nikxix


Photo: @heycnyn
Photo: @imdonaldhill



S U N G L A S S  L A    D E S I G N S


There are endless futuristic sunglass designs, making it easy to pair with outfits. Get a bright colored pair for
your next festival, and a neutral colored pair to add some futuristic vibes to your every day wear. 


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