January 01, 2018


C H E E R S !

2018. A fresh start. A clean slate. An excuse to find new hobbies or start a diet that will only last until February. We set these high
standards for ourselves each time a brand new year comes around but are never able to live up to them. This New Year SunglassLA is
challenging you to get outdoors. Embark upon this adventure with us as we explore innovative ways to get outside and move. You'll
discover the best outdoor getaways, sneaky ways to get outside, simple ways to be more active, and much more. 

Welcome, this is The Adventure Movement.  



by rawpixel.com @ pexels


Movement : a group of people working together to advance their shared political, social, or artistic ideas. 

We find that it is easier to make a change when you are surrounded with people who are trying to do the same. Throughout
The Adventure Movement, we are encouraging you to encourage others. Grab a friend for that evening walk or to go explore
where you live. Finding like-minded individuals like yourself can be contagious. 



by Tobi @ pexels



Every pair of sunglasses tells us a story and we want to see yours. Share your journey and connect with us throughout this movement
on Instagram with #sglamovement and show us how you adventure outdoors. Explore the movement now ---> #sglamovement


by Flo Maderebner @ pexels

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