January 08, 2018



Don't fool yourself. Getting active or starting a fitness journey can be pretty difficult if you're used to doing nothing.
What if we told you that you could get active in simple ways you would have never thought of?

Mind blowing, we know. 



by Fancycrave @ pexels



There are so many different ways to get outdoors and be active that are SUPER simple. Yeah, we said simple. 

1. Start a garden. 

Gardening is the perfect way to get physical activity without even realizing it. This hobby can really get you moving.

2. Take a 30 min. evening walk.

 According to Tech Crunch, people spend 5 hours a day on their mobile devices. If you fall into this category,
you definitely have 30 minutes to spare for a nice walk after work. 

3. Ride your bike with your kids. 

Kids spend so much time playing outdoors on school nights. Who says parents can't join them? 

4. Opt for an active family activity.

 If you don't have children, this applies to you as well. Instead of going to see the latest movie at the theater, go on
a family friendly hike or spend the day at the nearby local pool. 

5. Park far away wherever you go. 

 When it comes to parking lots, everyone always drives around for endless minutes looking for the closest parking
spot to the door. Instead, try parking far away for those extra steps. Reality is you'll probably make it inside quicker
than driving around looking for a closer spot.

6. Take your dog for an extra walk.  

Nothing is better than the companionship of our furry friends! They'll benefit from the extra walk as much as you! 





1. Go outside for work. 

We know this sounds crazy. But if you and a business partner need to discuss a project, go for a walk while you
talk about it. Still productive while getting that physical activity in.

2. Ask for a standing desk. 

Talk to your boss about the possibility of getting a desk that can be used standing or sitting. This allows
you to choose to get up without leaving your desk and pausing your work. 

3. Get up every hour. 

Most people are unaware of how unhealthy it is to stay seated for long periods of time. Get up and make a lap
around the office every hour. Allow your body to stretch and be comfortable for your next round of sitting still. 

4. Walk during your business trips. 

Waiting for your plane for your business trip flight? Walk around the airport while you wait for your flight.
Just make sure you don't miss it! 

5. Eat lunch outside then walk.

Most people are stuck indoors from 9-5 every single day and only get fresh air when walking to their car to go
home.Take your lunch outside then allow enough time to walk around for a little bit. Fresh air does everyone some good! 



Go for an evening walk 5 out of the 7 days this week. You'll love it, trust us.