June 13, 2017

m o n d a y  m a g i c

Mermaids, unicorns, sparkles, sequins, glitter, and color beyond what the rainbow holds, who knew Monday's could be so magical? Sleekhair did, and they did it right. An event that catered to anyone wanting to channel their inner mermacorn - half mermaid, half unicorn - Monday Magic definitely made everyone feel some sort of special. 

Sleekhair, Sunglass.la, and Ivy Love Shop were all a part of this fabulous day. Each brand had a spectacular booth set up. This magic filled event took place at Sleekhair's headquarters, allowing people to shop in their showroom. If an attendee purchased $10 or more in the showroom, they were able to choose one of six fabulous pairs of mythical, colorful sunglasses to take for free, as well as an Ivy Love Shop hat.

s u n g l a s s . l a

Sunglass.la also had a beautiful selection of hand picked pairs that people could purchase for just $5. 


a  s u g a r  f i l l e d  f a n t a s y

If the companies' amazing products weren't good enough, there was endless, color filled, sugar filled, magical food. There was unicorn fur, mounds of color coated candy, cupcakes covered in our favorite: sprinkles, rainbow sushi, unicorn cake, and Afters Ice Cream topped with sprinkles, fruity pebbles, and a cone. Shall I keep going? 

s l e e k h a i r

Sleekhair is an online beauty store with over 30,000 products that ship worldwide. The idea for Monday Magic stemmed from wanting to throw a staff party that was beach themed. However, Joan, the COO, knew that it couldn't just stop there. Within the day the staff had decided to open it up to the public, add unicorns and mermaids, and the rest was history. This event took a week to come together, and they did one amazing job.  

Sleekhair and Sunglass.la love to collaborate with each other and continue to work on different projects with each other. Each company loves working with fellow brands that reach back out to the community and have positive energy that is endearing to be around. 

Pictured- Joan NGO- Sleekhair's COO

i v y  l o v e  s h o p 

The third brand represented at Monday Magic was Ivy Love Shop. Ivy's idea for her brand began in high school when classmates would ask her to create t-shirts or banners using puffy paint. She eventually went to fashion school and worked a 9-5 job, but she wasn't living out her dream. She revisited her idea of drawing her own designs and having them printed onto shirts, and from then it was history. Ivy and Sleekhair connected in 2015 during a tough time and since then, Ivy has created countless designs for Sleekhair, and they do many events together. Their first major collaboration was Style Con in 2015. 

w h o ' d  w e  s e e ? 

Monday Magic was a huge success, bringing in some familiar faces like The Voice contestant Aaliyah Rose, and bloggers @moredesh, @kindlykiana, and @thecherrychapter. There were mermaids and unicorns of all ages, celebrating the little things in life that we love! Thank you to everyone who came out and made this Monday truly magical. 

Pictured-Aaliyah Rose
Pictured-Kiana Lyz Rivera

s t a y  t u n e d

If you weren't able to attend do not fret. Joan has hopes of planning an event inspired by the Museum of Ice Cream. If you were able to read the latest blog post, you know you won't want to miss out!