September 07, 2018


Spring with Calvin & Reese

Aspiring commercial, fashion, and beauty photographer, Calvin Acosta, and Virginia based model
and makeup artist, Reese Studer, give us the inside scoop on this upcoming season, photo shoots,
and why the content they create together leaves you speechless. 

Trust us, you don't want to miss this. 

Calvin, how did you get into photography, and what do you love about it?

"I got into photography actually because of Myspace. I was never the type of person who didn't infuse art into anything I did even something as simple as taking a selfie for my profile picture. I just wanted to be different than what others were doing. What I love about photography is that you could take such an ordinary thing like a bland location or outfit and with the right model and lighting make it look spectacular."


Reese, how did you get into modeling, and what do you about love about it?

"I got into modeling by a close friend of mine! Her name is Kayleigh Marie and is a local Virginia photographer. She stumbled upon my Instagram page once asking if she could take pictures of me. Without any experience, I said yes thinking it would just be something fun to do! Little did I know, it would lead to me finding out what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. I have been shooting ever since! Couldn’t be happier with saying yes that one random day. What I love about modeling is there is a story behind every photo. Almost like a movie. You can automatically transform into a totally different person by switching up your facial expressions, body movements, makeup, outfit, etc. I love being able to express my emotions and thoughts into an art piece! "


 Calvin, what do you like about shooting with Reese?

"My favorite part about shooting with Reese is that shes so versatile I could literally have her wear a trash bag and she will get into it and give me something that's usable to a client. She knows her angles, she knows what works for her face and she commits to a billion different expressions. She is also fast! Sometimes we'll be shooting and I can't even keep up with her lol. But I also love that we're friends before colleagues so we have that comfort to experiment with different Ideas and practice. Not to mention her skin is FLAWLESS so I hardly need to retouch anything."


Reese, what do you like about shooting with Calvin?

"Where do I start! My favorite part about shooting with Calvin is his energy, work ethic, and ideas. We have such a great connection and we always seem to know what the other is thinking. We make the best out of what we are given, and it always comes out amazing. He’s come to me with some pretty out of the box ideas, and I absolutely adore that. I’ve always seen a beauty in things that are different. We are able to make our crazy ideas in our heads come to life! "







What is your favorite part about shooting in the Spring?

CALVIN: "My favorite part about shooting in the spring is being able to get the colors of the foliage and just being in warmer weather that's not too hot or cold. We get to go outside finally which is great because as a photographer, I feel as though I'm confined to concepts because of the seasons and during winter I'm stuck indoors only being able to shoot studio. Which is great I love studio, but outdoors is a whole different ball park!"


REESE: "My favorite part about shooting in the spring is the nature! The flowers are starting to bloom, and the temperature is just right. Perfect for coming up with ideas for shoot, and getting inspired!"


Are you excited about this Spring's color palette?

CALVIN: "I am absolutely excited about springs color palette. I plan to experiment with more pops of colors and I'm even testing out a new pastel style color grade I'm working on for my photos, that should really give them a nice transition into spring colors. "


REESE: "Yes! I am so excited for the spring color palette! I can’t wait to experiment with baby blues, light pinks, and more! "








Where is your Spring 2018 inspiration drawn from?

CALVIN: "My 2018 spring inspiration is mostly drawn from the warming weather that's going to be coming in. I find myself drawn to warm tones much more so than anything even in winter I'm always finding ways to warm up my images. Whenever I think of spring the first thing that comes to mind is how perfect the weather is and how colorful the flowers look since they're beginning to bloom again."


REESE: "My spring 2018 inspiration comes from the one and only Mother Nature. I always have to remind myself to stop and smell the roses. Nature is beautiful, and it’s giving us inspiration right before our eyes!"



If you could have a photo shoot anywhere in the world, where would it be?

CALVIN: "If I could shoot anywhere in the world I think Egypt would be pretty amazing. Back home in California there are these beautiful sand dunes in the desert that look like something out of a movie, and I've always been so intrigued by the culture and the history of ancient Egypt so that's definitely my number 1 choice."


REESE: "If I could have a photo shoot anywhere in their world I would pick Dubai. I love how it is such an artificial, and modern city placed right in the middle of the desert! To me, it is one of the most lively places on the planet! From the skyscrapers to the luxurious lifestyle, I would be thrilled to shoot there one day."







Do you have any exciting Spring shoots planned? If so, where?

CALVIN: "I have not planned any as of yet because aside from being a photographer I'm also married and working full time so I have to strategically balance my time. I have been looking at some of my favorite magazines and putting together some mood boards but nothing super concrete yet!"


REESE: "So far, I don’t have any spring photo shoots planned. I normally just go with the flow instead of planning everything out! When an opportunity is given to me, I just take it!"



What is your ideal weather to shoot in?

CALVIN: "My ideal weather to shoot in is perfectly sunny and 70 degrees. I love bright contrasting light that's harsh because it feels more editorial to me. Most photographers shy away from midday light and seek shade or clouds because of the harsh light but I love that look so embrace it. I just make sure the models know where their light source is and use the sun to your advantage using reflectors or just the sun."


REESE: "My ideal weather to shoot in is surprisingly the cold. I’m like the human version of a polar bear. There’s just something about the snow that I am obsessed with. Everything just gets lit up by it." 







What are your favorite Sunglass.LA sunglasses to shoot with?

CALVIN: "My favorite Sunglass.LA glasses to shoot with are the gold/red cat eye frames we shot with in our "Cityscape" lookbook, the clear cat eye ones we shot in our first lookbook with Sunglass LA, and the oversized circle lenses that I just used recently! I really love all the vintage inspired frames and that you guys put a modern twist on them based on whats trending."


REESE: "My favorite sunglasses from Sunglass.LA are the cat eyes! They are so retro and vintage, I wish I owned every single pair! "



Any advice to aspiring photographers/models?

CALVIN: "My advice to any aspiring photographers would be to work with models who inspire you during the shoot and to shoot EVERYDAY. Don't feel as though you need to do "moody" style photos just to mimic what everyone else is doing. Develop your own style and run with it. Don't follow the "rules" of photography if you don't want to like the rule of thirds or shooting portraits at 85mm and up, do what works best for YOU and what YOU like the most. That is what separates image "makers" from image "takers", BE AN IMAGE MAKER. Lastly never feel like you have to go it alone, if you have an idea you want to do then get a team together and find other creatives interested in collaborating. Reach out to brands like Sunglass.LA that support content creators and most importantly don't think you're going to learn it all overnight. Photography takes time and dedication!"


REESE: "My advice for any aspiring models is to just be yourself. Take the chance. Take the risk. If it is something you are truly passionate about, no one else’s opinions matter. Focus on your career, focus on bettering yourself, and focus on your happiness. I am living proof that dreams do come true. With a little hard work and dedication, anything is possible. The world is in your hands. "











INSTAGRAM: @calvinacosta




INSTAGRAM: @reese.studer

YOUTUBE: Reese Isabella