March 09, 2018


From parties, parades, food, music, and all green everything, St. Patrick's Day has become a HUGE global celebration. These traditions take place every
March in honor of the late patron saint of Ireland, St Patrick. Since this is a big tradition in Ireland, have you ever wondered what it's like to
celebrate St. Patrick's day IN Ireland? Us too!


Since St. Patrick's Day originated in Ireland, the majority of local businesses close in honor of the holiday. You can count on pubs being open to help
celebrate, but they may close earlier than usual. Unlike the US, Ireland chooses to spend quality time with the people they love instead of crazy
parties. Although beer is involved, their main focus is surrounding themselves with others who are there to celebrate St. Patrick!


 St. Patrick's day is generally celebrated just on March 17th, however be prepared to celebrate up to a week long in Ireland. Between huge parades in
Dublin, packed pubs, festivals, and of course the Guinness Storehouse, you are sure to keep busy celebrating St. Patrick! 

Although the biggest parade takes place in Dublin, there are many villages and smaller towns that host their own parades. The parades are marched
by local musicians while the festivals celebrate Irish visual and performing arts. If there's no room to stay in Dublin, you won't go wrong celebrating
anywhere in Ireland. The locals will make you feel right at home!

If you choose to take an adventure to Ireland for St. Patrick's Day, BOOK AHEAD OF TIME. Just like any other holiday, the cost of tickets and places to stay
will rise. Not to mention lodging will be booked. Plan out your trip and allow yourself at least a week in Ireland! This way you are able to participate
in all of the authentic St. Patrick's Day traditions and can see Ireland at its finest. Don't forget to pack a TON of green clothing. A pair or two of novelty
beer glasses won't hurt either!