January 15, 2018



Everyone needs mini vacations in their life. Whether it's a weekend getaway to visit family a few hours away, or a weekend
staycation with your hunny, it's needed. When planning your next little trip, plan one that will allow you to see the outdoors
instead of only the inside of your Air Bnb. Come with us as we explore the best outdoor spots for much needed getaways.  




Plan a little getaway to see the Grand Canyon. Everyone needs to see this at least once in their lifetime. Although it is pretty
to look at, the Grand Canyon offers activities from hiking to whitewater rafting. Book an Air Bnb and you have yourself the
perfect weekend trip. Everything you need for a little outdoor adventure is one place! 





A good ol' camping trip can't do anyone any harm! Don't own a tent? Borrow one from a friend! There are so many iconic camping
locations that will immerse you into endless outdoor adventures. Choose a location where you can go hiking and get moving!
Sleeping on the ground might not be for everyone, but we suggest doing it just once! 




If you haven't had the chance to go to Lake Tahoe, you need to make it a priority. The best part is you can get nonstop flights
for a decent price to the Reno-Tahoe International Airport. Choose to camp or stay at the Tahoe Resort Hotel starting at $100
per night. Grab a group of friends, split the cost, and you have yourself one affordable, adventurous getaway. Visit
in the summertime for a grand time on the lake, or go in the winter and snowboard or ski! 




Going on a little outdoor getaway doesn't mean you have to go hiking or camping. Everyone deserves to pamper themselves, so why not
take a little trip to Palm Springs? There are plenty of resorts starting at $99 per night. Palm Springs is another great opportunity
for a weekend getaway with friends where you can get outside and lay by the pool, or go out and explore new surroundings!  




Looking to make a trip to California? Another place to add to your bucket list is Joshua Tree National Park. Explore the rock
formations and desert landscapes. Plus it makes for some pretty cool photo-ops. 



These are just a few of the many outdoor getaways that are out there. There are endless locations where you can get outside and
move across the globe. This world is pretty awesome, isn't it? 

With that being said....


Plan a weekend or day trip to a National Park near you! Trust us, you won't regret it.