About Us

From its beginnings until now, SGLA has sought to provide quality eye wear that inspires and empowers those like you, who desire timeless fashion at an affordable price. What started out as one's need for sunglasses, evolved into an outlet for positivity and individuality.

We make our sunglasses for the perfectly imperfect, the fashion forward, and everyone in between. We are a vision of style and creativity. Our frame of mind is to inspire and be a lens of self-expression through our curated collection of eyewear. We see the world in a positive light and aim to do good, because caring and giving is our thing. We are always seeking adventure and walking with confidence to get there. We live for the moment and believe that fun times with good people and a great pair of sunglasses are all you need. We don't hide behind our shades - we shine through them.

We are sunglass.la, it's nice to meet you.