Meet the Mavens - Ricardo Mantilla

Meet Ricardo Mantilla,photographer and content creator,
telling stories and showcasing the beauty of people from behind the lens @ricardomantilla

What sunglass.LA style can
you not live without?

Cannot live without the classics!

What makes you perfectly imperfect?

The fact that I live my life to the fullest,
while pursuing happiness and adventure

What is one place you would never
forget your camera?

Beach at sunset.

Best life advice I've ever
received was...?

Enjoy the little things.

Who or what inspires you?

The beauty of people, it doesn't matter who
they are or where they are from. Everybody
has a beautiful soul and a life full of stories.

Favorite quote?

Stay hungry, stay foolish.

What is one thing people would be
surprised to know about you?

I am going to be a father in June!
Baby girl is coming soon to rock
some SunglassLA sunglasses