Quitting Your Resolutions?



Well, it' s the end of January. That means all of the "get healthy" resolutions you planned for yourself are over too, right? This seems
to be a very familiar pattern when each New Year roles around. Instead of setting such high standardsfor yourself, start small.
Start going to the gym a few times a week instead of 6 days. Start limiting yourself to 2 cheat days instead of none. It can take
up to a month to get comfortable with a new habit. So why not make it easier on yourself?  




Pushing your body to do what it isn't ready to do can actually be harmful in the long run. Do your research and start slow. Eventually
you will be able to push yourself harder.  



We all know how easy it is to just swing through a drive thru when we are hungry. Prepping both snacks and meals can decrease the
chances of this happening significantly.  



Instead of saying you're on diet, tell yourself that you're making this a lifestyle habit of healthy eating. Plus, if your goal is to
lose weight, you're going to lose it then gain it back slowly if you go back to your old ways. Way not create a consistent,
healthy lifestyle for yourself? 




You NEED to treat yourself. First, you deserve it. Second, you deserve it. A cheat day is not going to make or break your health
habits unless you are cheating every other day. It's called balance, right? 



Creating a healthy lifestyle will take a lot of effort. Do your research about foods and what's good and not good, macros, etc.
Everyone's body is different, so be patient when you hit a lot of trial and error.