February 02, 2018


February 14th. The day all singles dread and couples look forward to because it's a day dedicated to celebrating their love. At SunglassLA we don't think
you have to go all out for Valentines Day, but a little something to show your significant other that you appreciate them is nice. Or if you're ridin' solo,
treat yourself on Valentines Day. There's nothing against showing yourself you appreciate yourself, right? 



You could totally go for the classic bouquet of roses for her, grab a nice bottle of whiskey for him, chocolates, nice dinners, blah blah blah. What about
a little something that can last them a long time instead of dying flowers or chocolate that will be gone within a few days. (We know that no chocolate
lover lets it last for that long) Anyways, we vote a nice accessory is the perfect gift. Let us help you out with an affordable, high quality accessory for
that perfect someone.