September 07, 2018





INSTAGRAM - @jordanshiley


QUESTION: Do you celebrate Valentine's Day?

"YES! Valentine's Day is one of my favorite holidays. I know it's a very corporate holiday, but Tylar always does the sweetest things. I love celebrating our love. I'm not sure what we're doing this year (he never tells me) but he usually surprises me with something really sweet."

QUESTION: Do you like receiving or giving Valentine's Day gifts? 

"I like both! My boyfriend usually goes all out (he's a bit of a romantic) expecting nothing in return but because we don't want to spend a lot of money on each other, I try to get him something small, personal, and from the heart. In the past I've done whey protein that says "you know the whey to my heart" and a blender bottle full of love notes for him to read every day. " 

QUESTION: What would be your most ideal way to spend Valentine's Day?  

"My ideal Valentine's Day includes quality time with the man I love. If I get that, I'm happy." 

QUESTION: If you could get your significant other anything for Valentine's Day, what would it be?  

"Anything? I would surprise him with a romantic taco night (he loves taco night almost as much as he loves me) and get him a trip to California or front row Dave Matthews Band tickets."  

QUESTION: Are you a chocolate and roses kind of gal, or prefer something different?

"I wouldn't complain about receiving chocolate and roses, in fact I usually do (paired with whatever he surprises me with) but I prefer the hand-written love notes and candle-lit dinner type of evenings over any material objects. Last year he made a fort out of his bed lit with Christmas lights, lit candles all over his room, cut out and hung little hearts that said "I love you Jordan Shiley". We ate, drank champagne, and watched the Office all night in the fort. He made a sign that said, "Valentine's Day is supposed to be cheesy" and got mac and cheese pizza, grilled cheese, and Spongebob Mac and Cheese for dinner too (and if you know me at all, you know that's the BEST thing he could've done food-wise)"

QUESTION: What are some random facts about you and Tylar? 

"We started dating my junior year of high school and have been extremely happy ever since. He was always a year ahead of me, but because he changed his major so many times he's doing a fifth year at JMU with me. We live together downtown in a studio apartment with our husky, Loki. We're super lucky to have found each other so early in life and we know how rare it is to be in such a solid, stable, and mature relationship. My parents have even admitted to never having a love like ours. I'm so fortunate to have ever experienced a love so pure, so young."  


QUESTION:  What are some of your favorite heart-shaped sunnies? 

"I'm all about the plastic, colorful heart shaped sunnies! I have a pair in pink already and they're the best!"

QUESTION:  If you were to get Tylar a pair of sunnies, what style would it be?

"Half-frame semi rimless horn rimmed sunglasses. He looks SO nice in them. :)"








Photos by: @huntercarrico  @kfcvf