September 07, 2018



Why is Spring a season that so many people look forward to? Between new colors, blooming flowers, and warmer weather, there are so many reasons why
people love Spring!  SunglassLA is here to share why we are in love with Spring, and what we look forward to most! 



Is there anything better than walking outside to the sun beating down, fresh air, and a slight breeze? Southern California doesn't experience harsh
Winter seasons like other places do, but it is cooler. This is why when Spring rolls around, the sun comes out and visits for a longer time!



Everyone involved in the fashion industry looks forward to new seasons! The Spring 2018 color palette is one we are so excited about! Pastel blues, greens,
pinks, purples, and more will have you feeling nostalgic.



Food, music, and surrounding yourself with others who love the same artists as you can be thrilling! Between South by Southwest, Ultra Music Festival,
Stagecoach, EDC, Sasquatch, and of course Coachella, you are sure not to go wrong!




With new seasons comes new sunglass styles, and being a sunglasses company, we oh so look forward to this one!



We can't think of one person who doesn't think flowers are pretty! Spring means blooming flowers, greener grass, and beautiful photo shoot opportunities!
  There's just something about walking outside and smelling the roses - literally.



With more sun comes more sunnies. Need we say more?!  



 You have way more time to enjoy life after the Spring equinox. This is when Earth is lined up with the sun, and the days last longer and nights get shorter. 



Warmer weather means warmer clothing! Who doesn't love wearing shorts and tank tops without worrying about getting cold?! There are so many options for
Spring fashion, making it next to impossible to choose a bad outfit!