February 11, 2018



Are you looking to treat your significant other for Valentine's Day but don't want to spend a ton of money? You're in luck.
Valentine's Day doesn't mean you have to spend spend spend to show that special someone you love them. 

Who wants to spend their time waiting to be seated at a busy restaurant on Valentine's Day? Opt out of going out and dine at home.
Set up a romantic table setting and cook together! It'll ensure quick service, food you like, and quality time with the person
you love. Nothing beats a quiet night in with good company! 

If you want to stay in on Valentine's Day but don't want to have to cook or go all out, plan for a cozy movie and pizza night.
Nothing is better than getting a knock on your door knowing it's your hot pizza waiting. Each of you choose a movie, eat
pizza while you watch his choice, and eat ice cream while you watch hers. We say this is a win-win no matter what.
Take it up a notch and make a blanket/pillow fort. No matter how old you get, everyone loves a good pillow fort. 


Weather permitting, set up camp in your backyard, build a fire, and cozy up! Gather everything you need for a good s'mores
night. Chances are your Wifi will still work so you can watch Netflix while cuddled up in your tent. Plus you won't have to worry
about any wild animals in your backyard. Or maybe you will have to worry about that, but we hope you won't. 


Find a nearby park (or your backyard) and have a sunset picnic! A simple yet romantic idea for you and your significant other.
Don't forget to pack the wine!


We can't think of someone who doesn't like having something sweet to munch on. Plan a day of baking with your loved one! Choose
his and her favorite treats and make them together. By the end of it you'll have many sweet treats for you and your hunny. 


Whether you decide to stay in or go out and spoil one another, the most important part is getting to spend quality time with each
other. So mix up your Valentine's Day traditions and have some fun! There are always simple ways to show someone you love them.