February 09, 2018


Have you ever wondered how celebrating Valentine's Day on February 14th became a thing? We buy chocolates, flowers, and spend
money on expensive dinners just to celebrate love. There must be a reason we do this, right?



There are many speculations as to how celebrating this day came to be. From the legend of St. Valentine to a pagan festival
celebrated in February to commemorate the anniversary of St. Valentine's death, Valentine's Day is celebrated in Canada,
Mexico, UK, France, and Australia. In the 17th century, celebrating love on February 14th started to become quite popular.
When the 18th century rolled around, Valentine's Day became a normal celebration for both lovers and friends all around.
As time went on, the festivities for Valentine's Day became bigger and better than ever.



Hand-made Valentine's were extremely popular in America during the 1700's. Once the mass production of valentines began in
the 1850s, the game was changed.  It's a day to celebrate love in general, not just a significant other.



As you get older, the meaning of Valentine's Day changes. When you're younger all you have to worry about is making sure
you have enough valentines for your classmates, teachers, and maybe a little something for your family. When you reach
high school you may get your first boyfriend or girlfriend and February 14th takes on a whole new meaning. This is
your first time to celebrate Valentine's Day with your "one true love", right? Then you get older and the reality
of Valentine's Day hits. It's either a day couples go all out for, the complete opposite, or singles use it to drown
in self-pity and be a part of "Singles Awareness Day". Hey, who ever said you can't be your own valentine and buy
yourself some chocolates and flowers? 



Whether you're celebrating February 14th with a significant other, friend, parents, or yourself, treat whomever whenever. What's a better way to
show appreciation than a pair of stylish new sunnies?